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Welcome to the Stormworks Build and Rescue WIKIEdit

Welcome to the Stormworks Build and Rescue WIKI! Here we explain the games mechanics and also give helpful tips for new players.

NOTE: If you see there title of this wiki called 'Stormworks Build and Rescue WIKI Wiki' that is just a typo, and will be fixed soon due to a bug.

Terms & ConditionsEdit

To keep this wiki page in order, i have setup some T&C's (Rules) upon this Wiki, they are:

  • If you want to edit or add a new Page to the Wiki, ask me for permission before you proceed.
  • All context must be related to this Wiki, if unrelated and/or inappropriate context is discovered, it will be taken down, and you will receive a warning.
  • If you receive 3 warnings, you will be denied access of the Wiki.

I hope you agree with the T&C that i have setup, please have a nice day!

Latest activityEdit

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